Elon Musk has a total assets of $269.5 billion, as indicated by Forbes. He is at present in the news for his proposal to purchase miniature publishing content to a blog site Twitter.

Tycoon Elon Musk – the most extravagant individual on the planet – has said that he doesn’t claim a house at the present time and snoozes companions’ extra rooms. The disclosure was made by Musk in a new meeting with TED’s Chris Anderson.

“I don’t possess a spot at the present time. I’m in a real sense remaining at companions’ places,” he was cited as saying by the New York Post.

“On the off chance that I travel to the Bay Area, which is where the majority of Tesla’s designing is, I fundamentally turn through companions’ extra rooms,” the Tesla CEO added.

“I don’t have a yacht, I don’t take get-aways,” he added. Musk was answering an inquiry concerning abundance difference across the world and how much cash spent by very rich people.

“I believe there’s proverbial imperfections that are prompting that end. It would be exceptionally tricky if I could be consuming billions of dollars a year in private utilization, however that isn’t true,” said Musk.

“It’s not like my own utilization is high, with the one special case being the plane. In the event that I don’t utilize the plane then I have less hours to work,” he added.

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