Petroleum, Diesel Price Today: Petrol cost stayed unaltered for seven days on Wednesday, April 13, while diesel cost today additionally followed the prompt. The cost of petroleum in Delhi stands high at Rs 105.41 per liter, and at a record Rs 120.51 a liter in Mumbai. Diesel costs likewise kept up with the norm at Rs 96.67 a liter in Delhi and at Rs 104.77 per liter in Mumbai.

In different pieces of the country, petroleum in Kolkata was being sold at Rs 115.12 per liter and diesel at Rs 99.83 per liter on Sunday. In Chennai additionally, one liter of petroleum was retailing at the past cost of Rs 110.89 and diesel at Rs 100.94 per liter, as per a notice from state-claimed oil advertising organizations.

In Lucknow, the cost of petroleum was at Rs 105.25 a liter, while diesel was selling at Rs 96.83 per liter. In Bengaluru, the petroleum cost was at Rs 111.09 per liter and the diesel rate remained at Rs 94.79 per liter. In Gandhinagar, petroleum was at Rs 105.29 per liter and diesel at Rs 99.64 per liter.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati has collaborated with NTPC Limited to plan and create a profoundly energy-productive plant for CO2 catch from power plants. It can possibly save a great deal of unfamiliar trade for the country, guarantees the establishment. The results of this task will help oil, flammable gas, biogas enterprises, and oil processing plants. This improvement has the likely effect on battle worldwide environmental change.

Homegrown petroleum and diesel rates are straightforwardly benchmarked against worldwide raw petroleum costs, and with oil costs taking off over the most recent two months, state-claimed fuel retailers required a cost climb just to make back the initial investment.

Presently, with petroleum and diesel costs expanding by Rs 10 for each liter more than 14 corrections since March 22, sources told CNBC-TV18 that “supported fuel value climbs may not be required assuming rough costs settle at current levels”.

As indicated by the sources refered to by the channel, the present homegrown retail fuel costs are benchmarked to global raw petroleum at $95 per barrel. With the last week’s Brent unrefined petroleum costs at not more than $100 per barrel, the sources demonstrated that homegrown fuel costs could again be placed on a freeze for quite a while.

Simultaneously, they likewise expressed that oil promoting organizations (OMCs) may in any case recuperate about a month of misfortunes.

Petroleum, Diesel Prices on Tuesday, April 13 in Delhi, Mumbai and Other Major Cities in India


Petroleum – Rs 105.41 per liter

Diesel – Rs 96.67 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 120.51 per liter

Diesel – Rs 104.77 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 115.08 per liter

Diesel – Rs 99.82 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 110.89 per liter

Diesel – Rs 100.98 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 109.78 per liter

Diesel – Rs 93.32 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 118.07 per liter

Diesel – Rs 101.14 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 111.25 per liter

Diesel – Rs 94.81 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 105.57 per liter

Diesel – Rs 91.36 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 105.25 per liter

Diesel – Rs 96.83 per liter


Petroleum – Rs 105.29 per liter

Diesel – Rs 99.61 per liter


Petroleum: Rs 117.52

Diesel – Rs 103.91 per

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