2014 Meteorite That Hit Earth Was Alien, Confirms US Space Command
First interstellar article hit Earth in 2014, the US Space Command said. (Document)

The US Space Command (USSC) has as of late affirmed that a meteor that hit Earth in January 2014 came from another nearby planet group and is, accordingly, the main interstellar item.
Taking to Twitter recently, the USSC shared a reminder affirming crafted by Harvard stargazers Amir Siraj and Abraham Loeb that a space rock from another star framework struck Earth in 2014. The US space office noticed that the speed and direction of the meteor recommended the space rock was extrasolar in starting points. It said that the rough body, estimating simply 1.5 feet across, “was without a doubt an interstellar item”.

As indicated by The Independent, the most recent declaration pushes back the date of the principal affirmed disclosure of an extrasolar guest by three years. The renowned interstellar item known as Oumuamua, which was found in 2017, has now turned into the second interstellar item to visit our nearby planet group.

Dr Siraj and Dr Loeb composed a paper in 2019 putting forth the defense for an extrasolar beginning for the meteor and presented it on the logical preprint server ArXiv. The review announced the meteor as beginning from interstellar space with “99.999 percent certainty”. Be that as it may, the pair had been not able to get the paper distributed in a companion evaluated diary as a result of its dependence on information from certain sensors utilized by the US Department of Defense.

However, presently, on 1 March 2022, the US Space Command update, endorsed by Joel Mozer, the main researcher of US Space Operations Command, may assist with getting the paper out of distributing limbo. The reminder affirms that Oumuamua was not the primary interstellar guest to the Solar framework. It additionally recommends that neither it nor the 2014 meteor will be the last.

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