Swisscom Says Constraints on Antenna Development Halts 5G Rollout

State-controlled telecoms group Swisscom AG stated Thursday that the launch of its new fifth-generation (5G) cellular technology was getting stalled because of the governments’ resistance to installing upgraded antennas.

Swisscom Says Constraints on Antenna Development Halts 5G Rollout

It maintained its 2020 guidance for the income of around 11.1 billion Swiss francs ($11.39 billion), EBITDA of around 4.3 billion, capital expenditure of around 2.3 billion, and a steady dividend of 22 francs per share, but cited “appreciable uncertainty” about the vision.

The Swiss government this month saved current security requirements for cellular frequency emissions, which the sector stated needed to be amended to expedite the rollout of 5G technology a year after a spectrum auction raised 380 million Swiss francs.

It stated potential harm comparable to data queues and data jams wouldn’t be felt till some time in the future, calling for authorities to create better situations for community improvement and cellular communications infrastructure.

Telecoms operators are keen for 5G frequencies to gain an edge in new digital companies akin to powering self-driving automobiles or the internet of things – smart gadgets and sensors that may be managed remotely and are anticipated to proliferate as chopping-edge cellular networks launch in following years.


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