U.S. Researchers Working on Test at Home COVID-19 Kit

Home testing for the novel coronavirus could sound like a good idea; however, U.S. regulators say it’s nonetheless too risky.

U.S. Researchers Working on Test at Home COVID-19 Kit

They’ve stopped corporations that shortly launched home-testing kits till they’ll show their products can accurately detect the virus.

For now, the only means Americans can get tested is at hospitals, clinics, or drive-thru sites, with a doctor’s order.

After a botched launch, testing in the U.S. has ramped up due to high-volume testing machines and new rapid exams. Last week, federal officials mentioned total tests topped 1.4 million, and labs are processing almost 100,000 tests daily. That is the threshold many consultants say is required to track the coronavirus.

Nonetheless, testing continues to be constrained by shortages of medical supplies like gloves, masks, and swabs. And the widespread drive-thru testing proposed for parking lots at chains like Walmart, Walgreens and Target has gotten off the ground.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is aggressively pushing new options onto the market.

Genetic tests are the gold standard for detecting COVID-19 infections. New, faster ones are changing the unique laboratory tests that must be manually mixed and developed.

The concept behind each test is similar: chemical solutions are used to isolate the virus from the affected person sample, grab its genetic material and then reproduce it millions of occasions till it is detectable with a computer.


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