Renewable Energy Production Threaten Bio-diverse Regions

Over 2000, renewable power facilities are developed in regions of environmental importance and threaten the natural setting of plant and animal species across the planet.

Renewable Energy Production Threaten Bio-diverse Regions

A University of Queensland analysis group mapped the placement of photovoltaic, wind and hydropower plants in the wilderness, protected areas and vital biodiversity regions.

UQ School of Earth and Environmental Sciences lead author José Rehbein stated he was alarmed by the findings.

The vast majority of renewable energy plants in western Europe and developed nations are located in biodiverse regions.

Rehbein stated there may still be time for developers to reconsider plants under development in Asia and Africa.

University of Amsterdam senior creator Dr. James Allan mentioned efficient conservation efforts and a rapid transition to renewable power was essential to forestall species extinctions and avoid the catastrophic climate crisis.

“The whole group agree that this work should not be interpreted as anti-renewables as a result of renewable energy is crucial for decreasing carbon emissions,” Dr. Allan stated.

The group urges governments, industry and development groups to avoid increasing renewable energy services into conservation areas and plan for various regions.


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