Global Mobile Carriers Share Data to Battle Coronavirus Pandemic

Global mobile carriers are sharing data with the health authorities in Italy, Germany and Austria, helping to battle coronavirus by monitoring whether people are following curbs on motion while at the identical time respecting Europe’s privacy laws.

Global Mobile Carriers Share Data to Battle Coronavirus Pandemic

The data, which are nameless and aggregated, make it possible to map concentrations and movements of consumers in ‘hot zones’ where COVID-19 has taken hold.

That’s less invasive than the approach taken by nations like China, Taiwan and South Korea, which use smartphone location readings to trace the contacts of people who’ve tested positive or to enforce quarantine orders.

In Germany, where faculties and restaurants are closing and people have been told to work at home if they will, the data donated by Deutsche Telekom offer insights into whether or not people are complying, health czar, Lothar Wieler stated.

Germany is entering the pandemic’s exponential phase, Wieler added, warning that without progress in reducing person-to-person contacts, as many as 10 million individuals could be infected in two or three months.

However, privacy advocates are skeptical about whether sharing customer data is beneficial or proportionate, even in a time of crisis.

The Lombardy region is utilizing the data to see how many individuals are observing a strict lockdown. Movements exceeding 300-500 meters (yards) are down by nearly 60% since February 21, when the first case was found in the Codogno space.


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