Alphabet’s Tidal Moonshot Monitors Fish Species to Sustainably Feed Humanity

Alphabet is introducing Tidal, an X division moonshot venture to preserve the ocean’s ability to support life and help feed humanity sustainably.

Alphabet's Tidal Moonshot Monitors Fish Species to Sustainably Feed Humanity

Tidal’s initial objective is to develop technologies that may provide a better understanding of what’s happening underwater, with a focus on helping fish farmers to run and grow their activities in environmentally friendly ways.

To achieve its early target, Tidal has developed an underwater digicam system coupled with laptop imaginative and prescient and different AI strategies to track and monitor thousands of fish as they grow. The electrical parts had to be engineered to withstand cold and crushing pressures of the ocean’s unforgiving saltwater environment.

By logging eating habits and environmental data like temperature and oxygen levels, the farmers could make smarter decisions about managing their pens, based on Davé. And healthy fish require fewer antibiotics, a concern amongst environmentalists.

The venture has already been operating for three years, with Tidal cameras placed in Europe and Asia to help monitor fish species like salmon and yellowtail.


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